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5L PU Decking Adhesive
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Used to bond DuoPly EPDM polyester lined membranes to a range of substrates plywood, OSB, concrete, PIR/PUR tissue faced insulation, steel, existing bitumen layer etc.


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DuoPly Polyurethane (PU) Adhesive is a one component, moisture curing, high performance adhesive used to bond DuoPly EPDM polyester lined membranes to a range of substrates plywood, OSB, concrete, PIR/PUR tissue faced insulation, steel, existing bitumen layer etc. The adhesive is roller applied and cures by reacting with atmospheric conditions.

Features & Benefits
Fast curing
Superior Bond Strength
Suitable for range of decks

 Coverage: 0.25 Ltr / m2 when applied to both sides (depending on surfaces)


1. The surface of the roof, on or against which the PU roof deck adhesive is to be applied will be clean, smooth, dry and free of sharp edges, dirt, loose materials, oil and grease.

2. DuoPly PU adhesive will bond the roof membrane to a range of conventional roof surfaces e.g. plwood, OSB, tissue faced PIR/PUR insulation board, concrete and existing bitumous surfaces.

3. Pour the adhesive from the container and roll the adhesive to the substrate to form a thin film of adhesive. in a uniform manner avoiding globs, puddles and uncoated areas. Avoid heavy application of adhesive.

4. The PU adhesive should be left to allow the solvent to escape from the adhesive film. A colour change in the adhesive will occur when this happens.

5. Install the DuoPly membrane into the adhesive, lift the membrane in a few places to ensure the adhesive is transfering to the polyester fleece lining.

6. Push the membrane into the adhesive with a rubber bladed squeegee to remove any trapped air and fully consolodate the polyester fleece into the adhesive.

7. The adhesive should become fully cured in one hour depending on atmospheric conditions.

8. Whilst the PU roof deck adhesive is wet, clean any over spill of adhesive from membrane EPDM face and splice areas with PU adhesive remover.

9. Temporary weighting of the membrane may be necessary until the adhesive cures to address certain problem areas.


1. Review the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety information prior to use.

2. Keep container closed when not in use. Use with adequate ventilation, avoid breathing vapours.

3. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Contact a doctor immediately.

4. Avoid contact with eyes. Safety glasses or goggles are recommended. If splashed in eyes, immediately flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. Contact a doctor immediately.

5. Avoid contact with skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling. In case of contact with skin, thoroughly wash affected area with soap and water.

6. Do not thin DuoPly PU Decking Adhesive, thinning will effect performance of the product.

7. Drying time is dependant on the weather conditions. Do not allow adhesive to dry before laying membrane in.

8. Use of the adhesive in extremes of temperatures will affect the working time of the adhesive. Longer curing times in colder weather and faster in hot weather.

9. The adhesive containers should be kept in a dry environment to prevent moisture ingress and premature curing.


Base: Pink
Solids: 77%
Viscosity: 3000 cps
Colour: Pink
Coverage: 3.4 - 4.4m²/litre
Shelf Life: 6 Month